Award of CE Marking to TASKI Intellibot brings hands-free cleaning to 33...

Award of CE Marking to TASKI Intellibot brings hands-free cleaning to 33 european countries

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CHARLOTTE, NC — February 8, 2016 – Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and its  Diversey Care division today announced that it has achieved CE Marking  for its TASKI Intellibot SWINGOBOT 1650 machine.

The demand for automated cleaning machines is growing rapidly, particularly in the world’s developed countries. This is due to significant advances in robotic technology, labour shortages and the need for higher productivity in daily or routine cleaning tasks.

Since the acquisition of Intellibot in March 2015, Sealed Air has won a prestigious Innovation Award for the TASKI Swingobot 755 in October 2015 at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN exhibition in Las Vegas, and sales of the robotic machines have reached new record levels.

The Company has also received a surge of interest in the machines from European buyers and the achievement of CE Marking means that Diversey Care can now answer that demand. Machines have already shipped to customers in the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, France, Spain and Germany where ISS has purchased three units for evaluation ahead of a possible world-wide adoption.

Anders Dedenroth Høj, Cleaning Category Manager of ISS Global Procurement and Supply Chain organization welcomed the award of CE Marking saying: “At ISS we are focused on servicing our customers and helping them reach their purpose by thinking creatively and taking advantage of the latest innovations.  This is exactly what we intend with these machines. We believe that effective, hands-free machines offer us a chance to rewrite the playbook when it comes to effective and economic cleaning of our clients’ buildings.”

Jean-Marc Lille-Pallette, VP Europe, Diversey Care added: “Attaining CE Marking is another critical milestone for Diversey Care on our journey to bring the cost and productivity benefits of hands-free robotic cleaning to all parts of the world.”

Hands-free TASKI SWINGOBOT 1650 machines dramatically improve the economics of cleaning. Extended battery life means they can work across multiple shifts while remote diagnostics and reporting means that operators can also track the location and performance of their machine and are alerted when human attention is required. Locations that are ideal for cleaning by TASKI Intellibot SWINGOBOT 1650 machines include schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and airports.


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