Security and Resilience of Smart Home Environments

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Cyber security for the Smart Home is essential for the security and safety of those living and visiting it. This ENISA study proposes good...

Study – Robots are not taking jobs

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Wrote by Colin Lewis in Machine Economy Summary – Analysis conclusively shows over 1.25 million new jobs created during the last 6 years at companies making...

Fears and hopes toward robotics

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"Oh poor of us, the robots will take our jobs", "I don't like robots, they are just evil machines that want to terminate us...

Case study: Agriculture Drones Bring Big Value to Potato Growers

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Buying a drone and putting it to work on your farm is a big investment. With as much daily hype as the new commercial drone...

Collaborative Robotics Market Exceeds US$1 Billion by 2020

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The collaborative robotics sector is expected to increase roughly tenfold between 2015 and 2020, reaching over US$1 billion from approximately US$95M in 2015, according...

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