The Disruptory is the collaborative platform for robotics technologies and transformative innovation. It aims to orchestrate a worldwide ecosystem bringing together large corporations, start-ups, research centers, schools, nonprofits and institutions, i.e. all active or potential contributors to a world that is changing through technology. Its goal? To start an open participatory process – community, information and interaction – that builds a prospective vision of the world and enlightens the ecosystem in its present decisions and actions for sustainable humankind.

The Disruptory is disruptive in its exchange of opinions (at least we hope so) but organized in its content. It includes a vast amount of information on robotics and transformative technologies:

  • News: Discover and share the latest news on the robotics world.
  • A company directory: Already more than 1,100 companies.
  • Publications: To bring you in step with the latest research.
  • A schedule of events: Be in the right place at the right time.
  • A Job Board: Find the right employees or the company that fits you.
  • Robotics challenges: Integrating robotics in companies.


The world is full of information, news and advertising, some of which is relevant, while the rest can feel either spoon-fed or invasive. On The Disruptory, nobody invades anyone’s space, and the community is free to choose. They can opt to simply read its articles, as well as decide to participate and create their own news – responsibly of course, as misuse is never a good thing. The Disruptory aims to bring together information enabling the community to ask questions, reflect and take action based on what has been learned.

News is divided into three areas:News

  • Business
  • Robotics
  • Technologies

For each news item, there is a list of contributors – already listed in the directory – that the news item mentions.  Some people like to know they are being talked about.

 A company directory

This directory brings together the players in the ecosystem who come from around the world and are active in a wide variety of sectors:

  • Industrial roboticsMapDirectory
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Personal service robotics
  • Professional robotics
  • Field robotics
  • Smart Cities
  • Technologies

On The Disruptory, everyone has a profile, and every contributor listed in the directory has their own page that brings together their professional details – address, website, sector, etc. – as well as videos, robots and, of course, their activity on the platform, with their news and job offers.

ClaimThis directory is constantly evolving thanks to the participation of our user community and of our partners worldwide.

This evolution is what we seek, both in terms of content and structure. Everyone can add their company, school, institution or research center in the directory and freely manage the information to be presented on the platform. And what about the structure? When creating a profile, users can propose modifications regarding the types of robotics sectors, topics, etc. of the directory in order to create a taxonomy that best matches the needs and demands of the technological ecosystem when it seeks to find out, dialog and share with others.


While researchers are at the heart of innovation, they clearly have few places where they can communicate with the rest of the robotics ecosystem. The Disruptory provides a space for dissemination so that our entire community can take advantage of the latest research findings. So let’s disseminate!

A schedule of events 

There is always something going on – a conference, an exhibition, a summit, a place where people, experts, professors and creators are coming together to share, dialog, and think about robotics and its impacts on the world. A great opportunity to get out of the office, right?

As this schedule of events is also collaborative, the community can propose events to be included.

A Job Board

Jobs and robotics are two subjects that many people are talking about these days. Instead of becoming frozen with fear, let’s get the ball rolling with a Job Board!


Well, this is where I finish, but I hope it is just the beginning for you. It all starts with visiting our site, it continues with dialog, thinking and creating values! As regards the end purpose of all this, I’ll leave that up to you. Enjoy your visit!