An Interview With The Urban Vision Founder, Prathima Manohar


Prathima Manohar is the Founder of the Urbanism think do-tank “The Urban Vision”. The Urban Vision is a social venture & Think-do-Tank which was instituted to...

An Interview with Albert Yefimov, Head of Skolkovo Robotics Center


Albert Yefimov graduated from the Cybernetics Department of Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Mathematics in 1993. In 2002 he received the...

An Interview With Savioke CEO Steve Cousins


Steve Cousins is passionate about building and deploying robotic technology to help people. Before founding Savioke, he was the President and CEO of Willow...

3D Printing, the Age of Reason


  This year, 3D printing turns 7 years old. Until 2009, experts spoke of “rapid prototyping via additive manufacturing”, a set of technically demanding, difficult-to-implement...

Multi-beam sensors broaden the horizon of robotics applications


Sensors are the building blocks of data acquisition systems. They are used to transform the state of an observed physical volume into data that...

An Interview With Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise


Melonee Wise is the CEO of Fetch Robotics, which is delivering advanced robots for the logistics industry. The company introduced their robot system, including...

The future of sensors in robotics


When talking to some of the most experienced people in robotics, most of them tell us that for a very long time people have...

3D Printing: A new industrial revolution is coming


A new industrial revolution is coming in both traditional industries and those that have made the jump to robotics. It is called “Additive Manufacturing”...

The Future of Artificial Intelligence


Since the advent of the first computers, artificial intelligence (AI) has fueled the imagination of science fiction writers and the general public. Works by...

Back from IREX: Wake up Europe!


IREX 2015 was an amazing place, bustling with activity, 160,000 general public and industry visitors, three massive exhibition halls and an overall feel of...

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